About Us

Gary, the President of “All American Tree Service”, has nearly 20 years of Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Service Experience. “There are not many situations in this industry I have not witnessed at some time or another. I have seen it all! But we still have to be cautious, stay on our toes and keep an open mind. God can spring a surprise on us on occasion. That’s why SAFETY is key!” Gary has been an Atlanta resident for most of his life. He attended local Arlington schools throughout his childhood then joined the Marines in 1989. He and his wife have raised their 3 girls under strong Christian beliefs and a strict moral value. As a current Fire Fighter for the last 10 years in Dallas County, he has come to understand how precious life is and takes pride in his dealings and rapport both with his friends and family, as well as, his clients. “I take every relationship and situation very seriously! If I don’t come away from a job with a satisfied customer, then I won’t have a business to speak of. Their property and their safety (including my guys) is in my hands.”