Lot Clearing

All types of brush and trees is our expertise. The removal of trees, small and large, unkempt shrubs, bushes and brush, consisting of vines, a weed infestation and some thicket to go along with a general wild and unsightly overgrowth. We have cleared several properties of some of the thickest overgrowth. Here in Ga, it seems to be as thick as it gets. We have seen it all when it comes to beautifying, landscaping purposes or for pre construction clearing and land leveling. Our clearing methods go far beyond ground level. Many methods will only focus on tree undergrowth and ground floor clearing. If a contractor does cut or remove trees they may lop the tree at ground level and for appearance purposes may seem that the job is complete. Unfortunately this is never the time for a low quality or cheaper bid of a general contractor without the proper tools, materials, manpower and experience.

We sell a variety of hard and soft, precut, pre-split quality firewood. You must always consider the quality and heat that which your firewood burns versus the integrity and quality of the structure of your fireplace. Many woods can burn too hot and damage some of your lower quality fabricated fireplaces. Furthermore, if the firewood is too large for your fireplace it would burn with less efficiency or, not at all. Some people prefer softer woods that tend to burn quickly and is initially a cheaper buy, but an overall less cost effective purchase since you will find your wood pile quickly diminishing throughout the season. A hardwood is a more quality burn but tends to burn longer and hotter than the softer, less dense woods and can be a danger to a low quality fireplace/chimney system and, of course, your entire house. If you are not learned on the type of fireplace system that is in your home we can consult you on what type and size of firewood that best meets your needs for the safest and most efficient burn possible.

Also, plan your firewood purchase at least one year in advance to allow for the seasoning of your wood for a better quality burn. We have seasoned firewood that is ready for this winter, as well as, newer firewood that you can stock in preparation for next years cold season.