Tree Removal

Do you find the tree growing dangerously close to your house? Has a powerful storm targeted one of your trees and compromised the safety of your house and your family? Are the roots pushing through into your foundation? Invading your sidewalk or driveway? Are pine needles, sap and leaf accumulation just too much for you anymore? Is the tree just too darn big?

Tree Removal is a hard decision but is also often a necessary evil. However, the removal of an entire tree is a difficult job that requires extensive experience, taut safety precautions and an extreme amount of knowledge. All American Tree Service has been performing tree removal since 1992. The process of tree removal must begin with an assessment of, not only, the tree itself, but, also, all of the obstacles within a very large radius of your project site. Obstacles like power lines, houses, buildings, fences or even other trees can make for a very in-depth and overly dangerous project. We specialize in just that. No job is too big for us. Safety is key to the success of the job and of the flow throughout the entire process. Tree removal is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. It is NEVER recommended that you attempt this on your own. We are a highly trained and experienced company. The removal of one tree may take only 1 hour to accomplish but planning and site assessment, safety procedures and overall setup may take 1 – 2 hours alone. Not only are we safe but also the task was accomplished with much more efficiency. We must consider the “fall-out” of a tree that you are planning to fell.

Most measures to secure the safety of the site are through many types of tie offs or wiring and cabling systems. Tie off & Dynamic (Non-Invasive) “Fall Arrest” procedures are most commonly used but the ideal safety method or best choice by design can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. Although these cabling procedures sound simple enough, there are many different ways to brace a tree. Many precautions must be considered prior to putting an axe to wood. The affect that your tree may have, not only to its neighboring trees but to that of the future growth of the remaining landscape. We can consult you in the many determining factors to take into account and suggest communicating with those adjacent neighbors making them cognizant of your plan. It’s just a simple courtesy and this lets you know how involved tree removal can be.