Tree Trimming

Any tree or plant in your landscape has typical patterns of growth and individual behavioral development. Even trees of the same species require individualized care. Never assume, because a tree is the same size or even of the same species, that it can be trimmed, pruned or managed in the same way. We always take very special considerations toward your trees depending on age, placement, surroundings and strength of development. Two trees of the same species, in the same cluster may require similar pruning efforts but demand vastly different approaches. For example: You can actually affect a tree due to a completely separate species of tree riding or depending on its growth… and vice versa. Whereas, the other tree, of the same species in that cluster, is found to have no affects either to or from its neighboring trees. We understand these patterns and habits of tree growth. Being from Texas, this understanding is drawn from years of experience and continuous research that has given us the acquired knowledge of the typical tree species and their inherent behavior, throughout this North Central Region of the state.

In addition, pruning a stand-alone tree can be even more compromising because it is flourishing already on what it has been given to thrive on, all on it’s own. If you divert its core patterns through an incorrect pruning procedure you affect the hardiness of the tree altogether. Thus, losing the tree because of a simple lack of understanding and experience. Never just prune a tree, understand the surroundings and what it might affect. Not only are you affecting the tree to be trimmed or pruned but also those in its cluster. Trees grow as individuals but thrive based on the collective environment and the surrounding development of their conjoining foes. All American Tree Service has been tree trimming for many years and we know and understand the habits of common tree and shrub development within a localized eco system. Yes, in even mildly wooded areas, your neighbors yard has to be assessed as well and that neighbor may need to be part of what it is you are trying to accomplish in your own yard. If nothing else… it’s a huge courtesy.

After all has been considered about each tree that requires trimming, we must now move into planning and procedures. Most notably, safety! Our efforts are to beautify your yard or property and your home. Proper safety measures must be taken, for your protection, that of your home and for those of our crew! A hard hat and gloves isn’t the only thing that is required to provide protection. Appropriate tie-offs or cabling and bracing procedures of branches and limbs to be trimmed and of the crewmembers, must be carefully evaluated prior to any cuts being made. A pruning job itself may take only 30 – 45 minutes, but safety evaluation and setup may take 1½ -2 hours, alone.